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The Cage Biden Wants for American Children

Terence P. Jeffrey on

"So, what we build this summer, I can say from very real experience as a principal of an inner-city school, we were a year-round school, and we had summer programs as well, and I always saw the difference that it made when students had uninterrupted learning," she said.

"And what you can do when you create these kinds of robust summer experiences makes a huge difference," she said.

The post-COVID-19 vision of this Biden administration bureaucrat: Children will go to school this summer, this fall, next winter, next spring and next summer -- and that will set the model for the future of America's government schools.

They will be a cage from which no child may escape.

Then there is the question of the age at which a child should be put in this cage.

In his campaign pronouncements, Biden repeatedly vowed to take 3-year-old children out of their homes and put them in school.


One Biden manifesto -- "The Biden Plan for Educators, Students, and Our Future" -- declared: "President Biden will start investing in our children at birth." (Prior to birth, his administration will invest in what Biden calls "a woman's constitutional right under Roe v. Wade.")

This "investing" in born children will include providing "high-quality, universal pre-kindergarten for all three- and four-year-olds." It will also "expand home visiting."

Home visiting? That is a program, Biden's campaign explained, in "which health and child development specialists make consistent, scheduled visits to help parents through the critical early stage of parenting."

"President Biden will double funding for home visiting so more families benefit from this program every year," says his plan.


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