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Securing America Requires a Secure Border

Terence P. Jeffrey on

Noe Victelio Rivera-Batres is a citizen of El Salvador who was convicted of illegally crossing the border into the United States three years ago and then ended up living in Las Vegas.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement summarized his story in a press release it put out three weeks ago.

Rivera, it says, is a 50-year-old man, who "is a known or suspected member of the transnational criminal street organization known as Mara Salvatrucha or 'MS-13.'"

He "illegally entered the United States in June 2018 near McAllen, Texas, and was issued a Notice and Order of Expedited Removal by the U.S. Border Patrol on June 12, 2018," said ICE.

"The United States District Court, Southern District of Texas, McAllen Division, convicted Rivera of Illegal Entry, and sentenced him to time served," ICE said. "He was subsequently turned over to ICE custody and was released on bond the same day."

That's right: After he was convicted of illegal entry into the United States, he was released into the United States.


But then a court in El Salvador took action.

"On March 11, 2019," said the ICE press release, "Specialized Magistrates Court, City of San Miguel, El Salvador, issued an arrest warrant for Rivera for terrorist organizations and aggravated murder, and on May 15, 2019, INTERPOL issued a Red Notice for Rivera for the same charges.

"According to the Red Notice, Rivera participated in a murder Oct. 31, 2015, that took place at a cemetery in Ozatlan, El Salvador."

Early in January, ICE said it made a "custody redetermination" that "required Rivera to surrender to ICE on Feb. 10."


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