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More Children 14 and Under Are Murdered Than Die of COVID-19

Terence P. Jeffrey on

American children 14 years and younger are more likely to be murdered than to die because of COVID-19, according to data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

On Jan. 12, the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics published its final report on the death data for the United States in 2018.

It revealed that an evil, long-standing trend was continuing in this country. In 2018, according to Table 6 in the report, 269 American children who were less than 1 year old died as victims of homicide.

The same table showed that 353 children between the ages of 1 and 4 in 2018 also died as victims of homicide, as did 289 children between the ages of 5 and 14.

In the 365 days of 2018, a total of 911 children who would never reach their fifteenth birthday were murdered in this country.

Had the major television networks and newspapers been inclined to treat this pandemic of child murder as a major story, they could have led with it every day -- telling the stories of the young and innocent victims, revealing the facts about those who murdered them, and following the actions of the law enforcement officers and prosecutors responsible for bringing those murderers to justice.


These 911 murdered children were not some abstract statistic. They were human beings -- at the beginning of their lives.

On Feb. 29, 2020, the CDC reported the first COVID-19 death in the United States. More than a year has passed since then. How many American children have died from this disease?

As of March 10, according to the latest data published by the CDC, COVID-19 has tragically taken the lives of 507,227 people in the United States. Of these, 216 have been 17 or younger.

This is a disease that has inflicted its greatest toll on older people. Among Americans 65 and older, according to the CDC, 410,192 had died of COVID-19 as of March 10. Their tragic deaths accounted for 80.8% of the nation's total as of that date.


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