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Pelosi would curtail religious liberty of Catholic organizations

Terence P. Jeffrey on

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has joined in an effort to curtail the religious liberty of Catholics.

Specifically, she has joined an amicus brief arguing that the Supreme Court nullify a regulation the Trump administration issued under the Affordable Care Act that would allow organizations that have religious objections to buying health insurance plans that cover sterilizations, contraceptives and abortifacients to buy health insurance plans that do not cover these things.

Pelosi has condemned this regulation as "despicable."

Last week, she put out a statement explaining her outrage.

"Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after joining a bicameral amicus brief in the United States Supreme Court in the cases of Trump v. Pennsylvania and Little Sisters of the Poor v. Pennsylvania arguing against the Trump Administration's expansive rule allowing private employers to opt out of providing contraceptive coverage for their employees, in violation of the Affordable Care Act's contraceptive-coverage requirement," said the statement posted on her website.

As you can see, Pelosi is on the opposite side of this case from the Little Sisters of the Poor.


They are defending religious freedom and the right to life. She is attacking both.

"The Trump administration's despicable rule allowing private employers and health plans to deny women coverage for contraception is an outrageous attack on women's health, women's pocketbooks and women's independence," Pelosi says in her press release.

In fact, the language of the Affordable Care Act did not expressly mandate that insurance plans include "contraceptive" coverage. However, a regulation issued by the Obama administration for implementing the Affordable Care Act did require that health insurance plans cover without copay "all Food and Drug Administration approved contraceptive methods, sterilization procedures, and patient education and counseling for all women with reproductive capacity."

FDA-approved contraceptive methods include drugs such as Plan B, which, according to the FDA, can prevent a new human being (after "fertilization") from implanting in the mother's womb.


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