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How a Green Agenda Caused the Economic Collapse of An Entire Country!

Stephen Moore on

Remember how the world, especially the American media, fawned over former German Chancellor Angela Merkel?

The adoration was so over the top that in 2015 Time magazine named Merkel its "Person of the Year." It described her as the "Chancellor of the Free World."

Time owes whatever readers it has left a solemn apology. Today, Germans are suffering the bitter fruits of nearly every major economic and geopolitical decision Merkel made as chancellor.

Start with the German economy that she attempted to reset for the 21st century, which is reminiscent of how President Joe Biden explains to inflation-weary voters that we are going through "an incredible transition."

But Merkel's Germany was ahead of us in its "transition." Today, the German economy is in tatters. A recent headline from Business Insider summarized the chaos: "German Industries Could Collapse Due to Russia Natural Gas Supply Cutbacks." The Daily Telegraph recently described Germany as "the sick man of Europe." Things are getting so desperate that the Germans are now considering rationing gas for their major industries to keep the lights on.

How did one of the five wealthiest countries in the world so quickly careen into this economic ditch?


It was Merkel's vision of a new Germany. Merkel was the one who made the decision a decade ago to move Germany away from fossil fuels and nuclear power and instead "go green." Her green energy crusade, which environmentalists heralded as a model for the world, nearly bankrupted the German manufacturing economy until the entire solar and wind energy debacle was scuttled. (Sadly, Biden apparently never got that memo.)

It was Merkel's decision, against the advice of then-President Donald Trump, to build the Nord Stream pipeline. When Trump sagely warned in 2018 that Germans would rue the day they became overly reliant on Russian President Vladimir Putin's energy, Merkel's administration openly scoffed.

Putin isn't the only one getting rich from Merkel's blunders. She negotiated trade deals with China, blatantly undermining Trump's strategy of economically isolating the Beijing menace. She chose to align Germany with rogue and militaristic regimes in Russia, China and Iran. This helped undermine NATO and Germany's post-World War II close ties with the United States.

She refused to pony up the 2% of GDP that Germany owed NATO for Europe's defenses, and she bristled when Trump demanded that be raised to 4%. Perhaps if the Germans and Europeans had heeded Trump's advice, the debacle of Ukraine wouldn't have happened.


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