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Time for a Commitment to America

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Republicans are gearing up for elections in November by drawing a clear line in the sand between their party and Democrats.

Republicans have rolled out what they call Commitment to America. And this is exactly what it's about.

Our country embodies a worldview, and it is that worldview, and the principles that capture that worldview, that made and makes America a great nation.

The deep tear in our national fabric today is about a large part of the nation -- those who support and vote for Democrats -- that does not buy into the American dream.

The stark differences are evident in new polling from The Wall Street Journal.

When asked if you agree that America is the greatest country in the world, 91% of Republicans agree, and 6% of Republicans disagree. In contrast, only 61% of Democrats agree that we live in the greatest country in the world, and 34% disagree with this proposition.


What are the driving factors behind this deep contrast between the take of Republicans and Democrats on our nation?

I would call this a deep difference in belief in freedom.

The new Wall Street Journal poll shows a stark difference between Republicans and Democrats regarding whether freedom works.

Regarding the proposition "If people work hard, they are likely to get ahead in America," 85% of Republicans agree, and 13% disagree. However, only 53% of Democrats agree with this proposition, and 46% disagree.


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