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T.W. Shannon, a Leader We Need in Washington

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A runoff election will take place in Oklahoma Aug. 23, which will decide who the Republican candidate will be to run for the Senate seat held by James Inhofe since 1994.

Thirteen candidates ran in the primary. But no one got 50% of the vote, hence the Aug. 23 runoff.

Leading the field is Rep. Markwayne Mullin, who received the endorsement of former President Donald Trump and received 43.6% of the vote in the primary. Running second was T.W. Shannon, who got 17.5% of the vote, and who will face off with Mullin Aug. 23.

A poll one week ago in Oklahoma City by News 9/News on 6 showed Mullin at 57.1% and Shannon at 32.4%. Shannon still lags significantly, but since the primary, he has picked up support disproportionately greater than Mullin.

It is clearly a challenge for Shannon to close this gap by Aug. 23, but it's not impossible.

Which is the point of this column.


I happen to know T.W. Shannon. He is a friend and serves on the board of my organization, CURE.

It is because I know Shannon and his family so well that I know his extraordinary leadership and personal characteristics that make his presence in the U.S. Senate so important in these particularly challenging times.

At the age of 34, Shannon became the youngest speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives in history and the first Chickasaw and African American to hold this post. And, in his becoming speaker, T.W. became the first African American Republican to head a legislative body since Reconstruction.

Shannon is also a businessman and banker and is CEO of the Chickasaw Community Bank. He assumed leadership of Black Voices for Trump after the passing of Herman Cain.


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