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Blacks Still on Board With Biden! Why?

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New polling from Pew Research and from NY Times/Siena College, released a few days apart, cast similarly dismal pictures regarding the popularity of President Joe Biden.

Overall approval for Biden from NY Times/Siena College stands at 33% and from Pew 37%.

However, both polls show approval for the president much stronger than the national average among minorities.

The NY Times/Siena college poll shows Black approval for Biden at 62%, which, according to the Times, is higher than "any other race or ethnicity, age group or education level."

Per Pew, Black approval for Biden stands at 57%.

However, Pew also shows a marked difference in approval for Biden from all minority groups, compared to white voters.


White approval for Biden stands at 30%, Hispanic 47%, and Asian 45%.

Why the difference between whites and minorities?

One obvious answer is that the white figure includes a larger percentage of Republican voters.

But this still leaves a very important question that everyone, certainly leaders in the Republican Party, should be asking.


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