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SCOTUS Decisions Will Change Political Landscape

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With the Supreme Court concluding one of the most historic and consequential terms in its history, it leaves in its wake consequences and implications for the direction of our country.

One very important result may well be a movement of Black and Hispanic voters to the right.

It is reasonable to conclude that conservatives are happy with where this court has taken us and liberals are not happy.

More specifically, those who believe in the original vision of the country, that it is about individual liberty and that the Constitution is designed to limit the federal government to few and well-defined areas, are happy.

And those who believe that the vision of the founders is no longer relevant today, or that the country was flawed from the beginning and their job today is to fix those flaws, are not happy.

To continue to drill down, many may conclude that this recent court session will deepen the divide between those already on the right and those on the left.


However, decisions of this court bear directly and positively on Black and Hispanic realities and challenges, and it is most reasonable to conclude the political result will be migration of Black and Hispanic voters to the right.

For sure Blacks and Hispanics will hear otherwise from propogandists on the left.

Most of the headlines have been focused on the Dobbs decision, which overturned Roe v. Wade.

But there were other critically important decisions with far-reaching implications.


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