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Congress Ignores Pressing National Business While It Obsesses on Jan. 6!

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As the House Select Committee to Investigate the Jan, 6 Attack on the United States Capitol starts public hearings, we must ask what motivates those on the committee.

Is the sole concern the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States? Or is it to get media to attack and undermine political opponents?

It is indeed possible that infractions of law can be investigated without a carnival platform designed to mobilize media and national attention.

The public material of the committee already reeks of motivations other than seeking truth.

The committee has already announced on its website that the Jan. 6 incident was "one of the darkest days of our democracy."

Really? Against a civil war where some three-quarters of a million Americans were killed, fighting over what American freedom is about, one incident of a few hours, where law enforcement finally prevailed, was one of our "darkest days"?


There are just 24 hours in any day, so time taken on one matter means attention not given to other matters.

If these members of Congress really cared about our principles of freedom and democracy, they wouldn't be ignoring every day other pressing matters in which the freedom of American citizens is blatantly violated.

Take, for example, that as the Jan. 6 investigation monopolizes media attention, on June 3 the Trustees of Medicare and Social Security issued their annual report.

Both systems are bankrupt and in dismal shape financially.


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