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Is the Left Losing Its Grip on California?

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The Democratic Party is rolling out its left-wing big guns to go to California to support Gov. Gavin Newsom in the recall election scheduled for Sept. 14.

In California, the bluest of blue states, where, in 2020, challenger Joe Biden defeated incumbent President Donald Trump by a margin of almost 2-1, the polls are within the margin of error showing Newsom holding on in the recall.

Why are Vice President Kamala Harris and Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar putting it on the line to campaign for Newsom?

They know that what is going on in California is a laboratory for what is going on in the nation and in the Democratic Party.

The beginning of Newsom's fall from grace was discovery of his dining at a party at a fancy French restaurant in California wine country, where dinners start at $450 per person, keeping no COVID-19 restrictions while he had his whole state on strict lockdown.

This was more than an embarrassing moment for the governor. And it was more than a graphic picture of political hypocrisy and double standards. It was a portrayal of very different takes on how America works that is now being driven home by radio talk show host Larry Elder, who is leading the pack of candidates challenging Newsom.


Elder is Black, from humble origins in Los Angeles. After finishing high school in LA's inner city, he moved on to the Ivy League, getting a bachelor's degree at Brown University and then a law degree at the University of Michigan. He then found his voice talking about ideas on talk radio.

Elder's background and experience gave him a hard gut-feel of what is crucial for getting ahead in America: freedom.

He developed a deep understanding that a free economy is what drives growth, and creates jobs and opportunity for those trying to get ahead.

He also understands that nowhere is freedom more important than in education and nowhere is competition more badly needed than in Los Angeles' substandard, union-controlled public school system.


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