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Ben & Jerry's Takes Liberal Distortions Global

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Ben & Jerry's, noted for its ice cream made from "contented cows," has produced not such contented consumers in many circles following its announcement to stop selling its ice cream in Israel's West Bank and in East Jerusalem.

Although the announcement calls these areas "occupied territories," more accurate would be to describe their status as "disputed" territories regarding Israel's sovereignty.

These are areas captured by Israel after the Six-Day War in 1967.

Let's keep in mind that Israel has been in a battle for survival since its founding in 1948.

Israelis are survivors, not conquerors. If not for incessant hostility by its Arab neighbors, the Six-Day War, in which these territories were captured, never would have taken place.

But the point here is the consistency of the confused minds of liberals, that now Ben & Jerry's shows knows no borders.


The history of the company is proudly recounted on the firm's website, relating how Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield started it in 1978 with a $12,000 investment ($4,000 borrowed) and a $5 correspondence course in ice-cream making.

Prominent in telling their story is their emphasis on how important "core values" are to them.

But the "core values" they ignore are the values that made their success possible.

Those are the values of freedom and capitalism that make possible starting a small business and building it into a multimillion-dollar enterprise.


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