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Bogus Claims From the Poor People's Campaign

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The Poor People's Campaign has announced a "season of nonviolent, moral direct action," targeting the U.S. Senate with disruptive activities every Monday, July 12 through Aug 2.

According to the campaign's co-chair, the Rev. William Barber II, "The Senate must end the filibuster, protect and expand voting rights, and pass a minimum wage of $15 an hour."

Barber is getting national attention. Even President Joe Biden recorded a video expressing his support.

Concern about poverty is something we all share.

What bothers me is that the factors driving poverty, according to the research of my organization and others, are ignored by the Poor People's Campaign. And the issues on which they choose to focus either have nothing to do with the reality of poverty or actually make things worse.

It may surprise Barber that the Senate filibuster is a powerful tool to protect minority interests.


He is either confused or disingenuous when he claims abolishing the Senate filibuster is about protecting "democracy."

It is not democracy he cares about, but Democrats, who now control the government, being able to pass every piece of far-left, big-government legislation they want. The only thing that stands in their way is the 60-vote requirement of the Senate filibuster.

The history of our American democracy is that government changes hands all the time. When Republicans are running the show, as they will again, Barber will direct his heavenly prayers to save the filibuster so that Democrats can prevent Republicans from doing whatever they want.

It is the filibuster in the Senate that prevents passage of the For the People Act, the voting and election reform legislation, House Resolution 1, that passed in the House without a single Republican vote.


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