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Democrats blackmail a nation in crisis

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I quoted Maj. Gen. George S. Patton in my column last week: "A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week."

I'm repeating it because it is so relevant to the coronavirus crisis.

No one thinks the stimulus bill the Senate is trying to pass, which Democrats have sabotaged, is a perfect plan. There is something in it for everyone to criticize. But when the house is burning down, the job is to put the fire out as quickly as possible. A moment delay to look for a better way to do it can result in absolute destruction.

As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell put it: "This is not a political opportunity. It's a national emergency."

Even calling this a stimulus bill is a misnomer.

It is more accurate to call this a bridge loan to ourselves.


Anyone who has operated a business understands that a bridge loan makes it possible for you to cross a valley between a difficult situation you are in, providing an opportunity to work through difficulties so you can get to the other side and once again function in a healthy way.

The assumption of a bridge loan is that you are, at the core, OK. Once you get through the storm, you will be OK again.

Bridge loans are not given to businesses that are deemed failing to begin with.

Before this health crisis hit, our economy was strong. Our country is fundamentally strong. But we've taken an unusual and hard physical blow.


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