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Democrats want to save the planet, not our babies

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Students stormed the football field at halftime at the Harvard-Yale game and held things up for about an hour, demanding that the schools divest holdings in fossil fuels investments.

The disruptors were cheered on by presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren while actress Alyssa Milano decried wealthy universities "invested in the destruction of the planet."

When you have important work to do like saving the planet, you certainly have a right -- it's assumed by these activists -- to violate the time and property of others as you wish.

But these same environmental activists, who feel empowered to interrupt our personal and commercial lives in the name of their planet-saving crusade, conclude just the opposite when it comes to unborn children.

In their view, it is not our right to use the cheapest and most readily available energy and electricity, because they have decided this endangers the planet. But at the same time, they insist it is the right of any woman to destroy the unborn child developing inside of her.

This point of view characterizes the current field of Democratic candidates running for president.


Billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has entered the fray, supposedly to provide a more moderate alternative for Democrats.

But Bloomberg is also a climate change activist who believes destruction of unborn children is just fine. Save the planet while we destroy our children. I guess clear thinking is not a prerequisite for becoming a billionaire.

Bloomberg boasts of having reduced the "carbon footprint" of New York City while he was mayor from 2002 to 2013.

But New York City also has a well-deserved reputation as the nation's abortion capital.


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