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Trump reaches out to blacks as Democrats push them away

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President Donald Trump recently launched his black-outreach operation -- called Black Voices for Trump -- in Atlanta. The objective, of course, is to move more African American voters to the Republican Party. There is good reason to believe Republicans can attract more than the 8% of the black vote they got in 2016.

The headline, logically, is the good economic news -- a robust economy that has produced a historically low black unemployment rate.

However, religion is also a subject that should get more attention from Republicans.

A new survey from the Pew Research Center focusing on the role of religion in society shows an enormous disconnect between the religious attitudes and behavior of blacks and their political behavior.

Looking inside the Democratic Party, 66% of white Democrats say churches and religious organizations "have too much influence in politics," compared with only 30% of black Democrats who have this opinion.

Thirty-seven percent of black Democrats say churches and religious organization "do not have enough influence in politics," compared with 10% of white Democrats.


Forty percent of black Democrats feel it is a "bad thing" that religion is "losing influence in society," compared with 23% of white Democrats.

The 37% response by blacks that churches "do not have enough influence in politics" is identical to the response of Republicans.

In a Pew survey of last year, 75% of blacks, compared with 49% of whites, said religion is "very important."

Given that roughly 8 out of 10 blacks identify as Christian, according to Pew, how can we understand their disproportionate support for a Democratic Party that views the importance of religion so differently than they do?


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