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Has Donald Trump Finally Become Boring?

S.E. Cupp, Tribune Content Agency on

In case you missed it — and it’s likely you did — former President Trump announced on Tuesday night that he is running for president a third time.

Maybe you were watching “Shark Tank,” “Bachelor in Paradise” or the premiere of “The Curse of Oak Island.” But even if you were watching network and cable news, chances are you only saw some of it.

That’s because none of the networks even took the speech in full — perhaps symbolic of how the country will approach the pitchman’s latest attempt at hoodwinking voters into a second term.

He comically sold the speech as “one of the most important ones in the history of our country,” but — yawn — it ended up being more hype than history.

All three cable networks, including Trump’s erstwhile favorite Fox News, dipped in and out of the hour-plus-long speech. So did the broadcast streaming networks. Elsewhere, reaction to the speech was downright scathing, even in once friendly corners.

The Rupert Murdoch-owned New York Post ran a full-page cover on gang violence, with a one-inch banner underneath saying “Florida Man Makes Announcement” — with the final gut punch, “Page 26.”


Conservative outlet National Review made an, erm, interesting comparison, writing, “To paraphrase Voltaire after he attended an orgy, once was an experiment, twice would be perverse.”

Even Trump’s own daughter Ivanka, who once worked in the White House with him, apparently had better things to do. She skipped the speech and released a statement saying in part, “I do not plan to be involved in politics” this time around.

It’s a far cry from the media’s wall-to-wall coverage and undeniable obsession in 2016, with many a blue-check Twitter handle calling this speech “low energy.”

While he obviously still has a very loyal and sizable fanbase, it’s pretty clear that Trump is no longer fascinating to much of America, or even all that titillating. After six-plus years of his non-stop antics, we’ve all seen the “wizard” reveal himself to be nothing more than a huckster and a serial narcissist.


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