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The Trump Movie is a Horror Show

S.E. Cupp, Tribune Content Agency on

It’s like something out of a bad Hollywood script, the kind that is too cartoonish and over-the-top to avoid the reject pile. Here’s the basic plot summary:

Our overheated action movie opens in the West Wing. An aide hears a noise coming from the hallway. She sees “the president’s valet in the dining room, changing the table cloth, ketchup dripping down the wall, a porcelain plate shattered on the floor.”

The outgoing U.S. president, desperately clinging to power, had thrown his lunch against the wall, angry that the attorney general wouldn’t help him overturn the election. The aide grabs a towel and starts wiping ketchup off the wall.

The president prepares for a rally where his supercharged, frothing-mad, and, in some cases, armed supporters will gather before storming the Capitol, where Congress is certifying his opponent’s win.

Just days before, his chief of staff tells the aide quietly and calmly, “things might get real, real, bad on Jan. 6.”

Cut to the rally, where the president is furious that his supporters are being turned away from the area closest to him. Secret Service tells him they’re armed, and refusing to come through the metal detectors.


“I don’t effing care that they have weapons,” our deranged antagonist yells. ”Take the mags away,” he screams. “They’re not here to hurt me!”

Cut to an aerial shot of the Mall, where a mob of hundreds of angry protesters is marching toward the Capitol. Zoom in on the menacing signs, t-shirts and face-painted goons, some wielding knives, bear spray, metal poles, tasers and guns.

Ominous music intensifies.

Cut to the West Wing, where White House counsel is running into the chief of staff’s office. “Something needs to be done,” he pleads, “or people are going to die and the blood’s gonna be on your effing hands. This is getting out of control!”


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