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Trump’s Contagious Harassment: Party Fundraising Emails Are the Worst of Our Politics

S.E. Cupp, Tribune Content Agency on

“This is ridiculous,” blared the subject line of the fresh email in my inbox Monday. “Will you join Trump’s new site? We’ve emailed you 13x. Fail to respond=Trump knows you’ve abandoned him.” I guess the cat’s out of the bag — I have, indeed, abandoned Trump.

The fundraising email, which had the audacity to say it was “humbly asking 1 final time” to join former President Donald Trump’s new website — the one that just scrubbed his own blog — wasn’t from Trump or even one of his kooky surrogates. This one was from the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The stated purpose of the NRCC is uncomplicated and straightforward: it is “devoted to increasing the number of Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives.”

What does that have to do with joining a former president’s partly defunct vanity website? Back to that in a minute.

The NRCC email, which I indeed received multiple times, was hardly the first one like it. The National Republican Senatorial Committee, “solely devoted to strengthening the Republican Senate Majority and electing Republicans to the United States Senate,” also demanded I sign up for Trump’s new social media platform.

In fact, the NRCC and NRSC flooded my inbox in May with daily pleas and ultimatums, begging me to sign up for Trump’s new site. One claimed to be the “6th and final message.” Many of them warned, “You have 10 min to answer before we move on.”


Of course, they have not moved on. As I typed this, another email landed with a thud in my inbox.

The committees responsible for electing Republicans across the country are adopting the bizarrely aggressive, bordering-on-comical strategy that’s long been used by Trump and his surrogates to collect emails and raise money.

Throughout his presidency, leading up to his failed reelection efforts in 2020 and even after he was sent packing to Florida, Trump world sent weirdly harassing fundraising emails to his own supporters, demanding increasing pledges of loyalty — and dollars.

One scolding email from the Trump campaign in 2020 read, “I hate to be the one to tell you, but your Trump 100 Club offer has been RESCINDED.”


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