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How Cuomo Mirrors Trump: Enough of the Gaslighting, Governor

S.E. Cupp, Tribune Content Agency on

Any New Yorker alive in the 1980s knows the reference “Teflon Don.” It was well-earned by Gambino family mob boss John Gotti, famously acquitted in three high-profile trials in that decade. The Teflon wore off, however, in 1992, when he was finally convicted of five murders, conspiracy to commit murder, tax evasion, racketeering and several other charges. He died in prison in 2002.

But another famous Don, Donald Trump, would later earn the nickname for his flagrant refusal to own up to any of the well-documented financial, legal and personal transgressions he was accused of, continuously dodging the long arm of the law, and accruing wide swaths of loyal supporters who, it seemed, loved him for this very defiance and invincibility.

Over the course of his professional and personal life, Trump has survived multiple lawsuits, bankruptcies, allegations of sexual assault, and even two impeachment trials. Now he faces a long list of criminal and civil suits against him post-presidency. We’ll have to wait and see if the Teflon is finally wearing off.

But another New York pol seems eager to take up the Teflon mantle — Gov. Cuomo, who sounds more and more like Trump with every passing day.

The latest embarrassing example? Cuomo is telling New Yorkers not to believe the results of an independent investigation into his alleged sexual misconduct.

“I’m not telling anyone to have faith in anything,” he said in a briefing on Monday. “Everybody makes their own decisions.”


You read that right: Cuomo is intentionally sowing seeds of doubt in the integrity of Attorney General Letitia James’ investigation. And to hammer the point home, he offered up as possible “proof” the totally unfounded rumors that she is considering a run for governor in the next Democratic primary.

This, after just last month calling James a “very competent” AG who should be allowed to “do her job.”

It was, needless to say, a one-two sucker punch to his alleged victims, the women who came out to tell their stories and are looking for some sort of justice to be done.

It was also an insult to New Yorkers, who deserve better than a governor who tells them not to trust the very person he endorsed for the job.


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