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Andrew Cuomo Dusts Off Bill Clinton’s Abuse Playbook

S.E. Cupp, Tribune Content Agency on

The case against Andrew Cuomo just keeps getting worse. There are now seven women who have accused him of sexual harassment or inappropriate touching.

According to an attorney for one of his accusers, there are more to come.

New York lawmakers, including both U.S. senators, have called for him to step down. Just this morning, President Biden went as far as he has to date, saying that if the investigation of the accusations against him prove true, he must resign, and likely face prosecution.

And yet, Cuomo remains defiant. In a bizarre and galling press call last week he invoked “cancel culture” to describe the attacks he was facing, and flippantly likened his ability to govern while the subject of an investigation to walking and chewing gum at the same time.

And a new report in The New York Times reveals that in the days after Lindsey Boylan first went public with her allegations, Cuomo’s inner circle began circulating an open letter that they wanted former female staffers to sign. It attacked Boylan’s credibility, disclosed personnel complaints filed against her, and accused her of “Weaponizing a claim of sexual harassment for personal political gain or to achieve notoriety.”

Cuomo was reportedly personally involved in crafting the letter, which was never released.


For many of us over a certain age, this whole thing is inducing flashbacks. But for the younger crowd who might not know, Cuomo is taking a page directly out of another famous Democrat’s playbook.

Over the course of his career in politics, both in Arkansas and the White House, former President Bill Clinton faced numerous allegations of sexual harassment, assault, and even rape, all of which he has denied.

To fend off the barrage of accusations and preserve his power, Clinton, his lawyers, and those in his circle — including wife Hillary — created a system of defiance and aggressive discrediting of the women, which not only re-victimized his accusers, but sent a warning to any others out there not to mess with the Clinton machine.

There were private investigators hired by Clinton to discredit the women claiming he’d had affairs.


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