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The deterioration of the president is undeniable

By S.E. Cupp, Tribune Content Agency on

Every parent has warily confronted the hypothetical question: What would you do if you suspected your child was unwell?

Not physically, but emotionally unwell, or mentally unstable? Imagine learning your teenager, for example, had been yelling demeaning slurs at the girls in his class, harassing them and calling them names.

And that he'd been secretly using his social media accounts to go on late-night rants against perceived enemies, attacking their looks, and again, calling them names in unending, seething, rambling posts.

Or that he'd been increasingly susceptible to bizarre and otherwise implausible conspiracy theories and was spreading them unprompted to anyone who would listen.

Presumably, you'd be very, very concerned. These aren't normal behaviors, nor are they signs of a well-adjusted, healthy and happy person. They are, rather, signs of a person who has lost the ability to manage his or her emotions.

If this were your child, you'd intervene as quickly as you could, getting him or her the help that is clearly needed.


Likewise, if this were your friend, you might suggest he or she see a therapist to work through anger issues. If this were your co-worker, you'd probably alert someone in human resources.

And what if this were the president of the United States?

Not only are these behaviors the norm for President Trump, but they seem to have worsened at one of the most precarious and critical times for our country, as we face a global pandemic that has killed nearly 70,000 Americans.

Less than two weeks after unimaginably suggesting injecting disinfectants might help kill off the coronavirus, the past few days have seen him spiral out of control, proving utterly incapable of staying focused on the biggest crisis a president can face. Instead, he has:


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