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Did Democrats just get a blueprint for defeating Trump?

By S.E. Cupp, Tribune Content Agency on

While Democrats are celebrating a number of significant local electoral victories in unlikely places this week, Republicans are left struggling to keep the political shrapnel from grazing their cult commander, President Trump.

And not doing it particularly well, either.

Don Trump Jr. was on Fox News Tuesday night working hard to insist that Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin's loss to Democrat Andy Beshear wasn't related at all to his father, who just this week had tweeted that he is a "GREAT" governor."

Trump also delivered one of his signature 11th-hour rallies in Kentucky to push Bevin over the edge, calling him "maybe the greatest (governor) in the history of this state." The president put no finer a point on its importance than this: "If you lose ... it sends a really bad message ... you can't let that happen to me."

Despite this, Don Jr was adamant: "Matt Bevin has picked some fights, but this has nothing to do with Trump. (Republicans) swept the rest of the ticket, did great in Mississippi ... the two don't really have that much to do with each other."

That, apparently, wasn't approved messaging, however. Trump's campaign manager Brad Parscale released a statement explicitly tying the president to Bevin: "The President just about dragged Gov. Matt Bevin across the finish line, helping him run stronger than expected in what turned out to be a very close race at the end."


He shouldn't be surprised if Republicans don't see the silver lining in Bevin's loss.

And that wasn't the only alarming contest for Republicans. In Virginia, Democrats turned the swing state blue, winning majorities in the commonwealth's House and Senate, giving full control to Democrats for the first time in two decades.

And a blue wave took over a number of longtime Republican strongholds in Pennsylvania, including all five seats of the Delaware County Council.

This is all very bad news for the Republican Party.


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