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What Biden Doesn't Understand

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GETTYSBURG -- On an overcast day, the national park that has preserved the history of one of the bloodiest and most significant battles of the American Civil War is filled with people from all over the country. It is a testament to the desire everywhere not just to know our history, but also to honor the soldiers who fought and lost their lives to protect our country.

They mattered, and we as a nation want them to know they are not forgotten.

This week, President Joe Biden made a dark political bet that Americans would forget a 20-year war. Biden and his aides, many of whom have lived and worked inside the bubble of Washington for most of their adult lives, believed the political fallout would be limited because people were war-weary.

Their exit strategy was based on internal and public polling that showed the Afghanistan withdrawal was popular, even though the same polls showed it was not something people were paying attention to.

In short, it was all about what made Biden popular with voters.

This has backfired. The Biden administration, filled with people who make their living in a plastic world of political calculations, believes based on polling that this will blow over. It will be just fine.


Biden fails to understand why the United States is transfixed by these images and reports. In televised statements and interviews, he has repeatedly failed to make a distinction that any child could -- one between the decision to leave Afghanistan and his appalling execution of that evacuation.

The exit has been chaotic, deadly, gruesome and humiliating. It has caused many people to lose faith in the leadership of the military.

Biden has defended indefensible failures and inexcusable ignorance of conditions in Afghanistan. He has defended pulling our military out at the same time as he left so many U.S. citizens still in the country.

This disaster will not fade from the headlines. Even those who did not want the war to continue had watched our neighbors, co-workers, siblings, parents, sons and daughters go off to Afghanistan for the sole purpose of keeping us safe back at home.


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