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Trump should stop enabling American 'victims'

Ruben Navarrette Jr. on

Sure, for those interested in higher education, there are affordable options and financial aid available. But we can't always get into the college of our choice -- especially if we must overcome "reverse discrimination" because we're white.

Sure, there are jobs aplenty and "Help Wanted" signs as far as the eye can see. But we have to compete for our employment -- including against illegal immigrants.

And sure, we live in a constitutional republic where the people come first, and that's something that a lot people around the globe would fight -- and die - for. But we get upset now and then with elected officials and frustrated with our government.

Is this really as bad as it gets, folks? Because, I have to say, compared with what people in other parts of the world have to go through every day just to have essentials such as water, food and shelter, the challenges that Americans face seem like champagne problems.

Besides, this country offers the power of redemption and renewal. Unlike many other places, you can be born in poverty, but that doesn't mean that poverty is born in you. If you can't find a job, you can move. If you lose a job, you can start a business. If your business fails, you can start another.

Let's face it. Americans are spoiled, and we take a lot of things for granted. At the top of the list are freedom and opportunity. We ought to be less resentful, and more grateful.

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Trump should say so, instead of constantly pushing the narrative that Americans are victims and that only he can ease their suffering. That's not empathizing. It's enabling.

Maybe the president is not up to the task. But we can dream.


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