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Democrats should listen to Brazile -- not silence her

Ruben Navarrette Jr. on

In a column on, editor-at-large Chris Cillizza accused Brazile of "contradicting herself." CNN anchor Anderson Cooper noted that it was Brazile who -- before a Democratic primary debate -- leaked a question to the Clinton campaign, which Cooper called "completely unethical." And CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin pointed out that Brazile "lied" about passing along the debate question.

Still, character assassination aside, what Brazile has to say should concern the American people.

For one thing, it adds another explanation as to why the Democratic Party did such a masterful job of losing to the one Republican who should have been the easiest to beat: Trump. You would think Democrats would want to acknowledge and learn from their mistakes.

Moreover, Brazile's accusations should be of special interest to those Democratic voters who supported -- and, in some cases, even contributed money to -- candidates not named "Hillary." Even worse, imagine how silly you would feel if you also sent money to the DNC -- the very entity that was, behind the curtain, working to deny your preferred candidate the title.

In any other field besides politics, that sort of shenanigan would be called "fraud." And it would be illegal.

Brazile told Stephanopoulos that fellow Democrats who want to shut her up or at least discredit her can "go to hell."

She has obviously been in a slow boil for some time over the condescending white liberals who run the Democratic Party. When she was at the DNC and she was told that she had to clear every decision with the Clinton campaign in Brooklyn, Brazile angrily declared that she wasn't "Patsey the slave."

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Twelve years ago, I wrote a column where I excoriated liberals for expecting Latinos and African-Americans to be deferential and attacking those who aren't. The left, I noted, prefers minorities who "ask for permission before they speak and make sure that what they say falls in line with the views of their liberal benefactors."

Out of the blue, Brazile sent me an email praising the piece and congratulating me for writing it.

Now she is the one who refuses to be deferential. She has every right to tell her story. And don't expect her to ask anyone for permission.


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