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Are McConnell and Ryan tired of winning?

Ruben Navarrette Jr. on

They're not loyal to McConnell and Ryan in the least. If Trump wants to work with Democrats to address pressing issues, that's fine by them. They trust him, and they certainly can't say that about the GOP establishment.

They also seem extremely pragmatic in that they're interested in solutions over ideology. They don't seem to care who gets the credit, as long as problems get fixed and their concerns get addressed.

This makes sense. It fits the profile of the Trump voters. Having thrown their support behind a renegade and bomb-thrower who few people expected to win, they're not big on party loyalty. As such, they're the ultimate political free agents.

Suddenly, it's McConnell and Ryan who find themselves without a constituency. And it all started when they held their noses and backed Trump in the first place, without getting anything in return or modifying his behavior in any way.

Why would these two leaders humiliate themselves like that? That's easy. Because they wanted their party to win the White House at all costs.

Well, now that McConnell and Ryan are the odd men out, you have to wonder: Are they tired of winning yet?


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