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Are the US and China Stumbling Toward an 'Islands War'?

Patrick Buchanan on

China also claims Taiwan itself, 110 miles off its coast, as well as the nearby Senkaku Islands, which Japan controls and for which Tokyo appears to be preparing to fight. A Chinese-Japanese clash over the Senkakus, the Biden administration has said, will bring the U.S. in on the side of Japan.

In a recent CNN interview, Japan's Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said the Senkakus would be defended as Japanese national territory.

And Japan has been expanding its Self-Defense Forces, adding the latest U.S. F-35 fighters, converting warships into aircraft carriers, and building new destroyers, submarines and missiles.

Earlier this year, the Biden State Department said the U.S.-Japan security treaty covers the Senkakus and our Philippines security treaty covers Manila's claims to Chinese-occupied islets in the South China Sea.

Message: If Manila chooses to fight to retrieve its islets from Chinese occupation and control, America will fight on Manila's side.

Still, China has yet to back down from any of its claims.


It has sailed warships and planes to hassle U.S. and allied ships and planes in the South China and East China Seas and sent fleets of bombers and fighters into airspace on Taiwan's side of the Taiwan Strait.

To prevent Taiwan's independence, Beijing has said, it will fight.

Should fighting break out between China and the U.S. over these claims, the war would be about islands that are thousands of miles from our West Coast but within a few hundred miles of the China coast.

Other East Asian nations are also communicating their interests and intent through military demonstrations.


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