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Is There a Bad Mood Rising for Biden -- and Us?

Patrick Buchanan on

For that mob intrusion, Trump was impeached a second time for what was variously described as "inciting insurrection," "an attempted coup," "domestic terrorism," "treason" and mounting a mortal threat to "our democracy."

"There is a great deal of ruin in a nation," Adam Smith's observation after the British lost the decisive Battle of Saratoga, is often invoked these days.

And justifiably so. For how much ruin can a nation endure and remain a nation? How much of this can we sustain and survive -- at a time when we are carrying the burden of the defense of our allies in Europe, the Middle East and East Asia against a gathering modern axis of Russia and China, which our own interventionist policies helped to bring into being?

Our media are as partisan as they have been in our lifetimes. Our cultural elites endlessly mock the traditional values and beliefs of Middle America. Our national parties appear ever at sword's point.

Our goal, it is said, is to ever move "toward a more perfect union."


Does it seem like that is the direction where we are heading?

Are the divisions between us becoming too great for us to remain one nation and one people?


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