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Are the Good Times Over for Biden?

Patrick Buchanan on

Are the Democrats headed for their Little Bighorn, with President Joe Biden as Col. Custer? The wish, you suggest, is father to the thought. Yet, consider.

On taking office, Biden held a winning hand.

Three vaccines, with excellent efficacy rates, had been created and were being administered at a rate of a million shots a day. The pandemic was at its peak but looking certain to turn down, and it did.

This welcome news lifted national spirits, and the economy with it.

And the new president was taking office in a brief era of good feelings produced by the departure of the party and president who had given us the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Thus did Biden begin his administration with his approval at a level his predecessor never reached in any year of his presidency.


Happy days were here again.

But now the storm clouds are gathering and rumbling.

By last week, Biden's disapproval rating had risen into the 40s, and half the country believed America was "on the wrong track."

Yet it is not what has happened but what impends that appears ominous for Biden's and his party's prospects.


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