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The Anti-Business Businessman

From the Right / Mona Charen /

We've been instructed not to take our new president literally but instead seriously (in the felicitous phrasing of Salena Zito). As I write, there are hints that the inaugural address will focus on the theme of "America First." President-elect Trump may or may not be familiar with the historical taint of that phrase, but in any case the meaning ...Read more

Goodbye to One Selfie President, Hello to Another?

From the Right / Mona Charen /

On Feb. 12, 2015, President Obama made a selfie-stick video for BuzzFeed. You may remember it -- or perhaps not -- because if there's one thing Barack Obama delivered during his eight years in office, it was plenty of celebration of himself. The country was treated to Obama slow-jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon, sharing his Final Four brackets...Read more

The Real Obstacle to Peace

From the Right / Mona Charen /

Editor's Note: Mona Charen is off this week. The following column is by Linda Chavez.

Shortly after Benjamin Netanyahu won his bid for re-election as prime minister of Israel in March 2015, I wrote a column describing President Barack Obama as being "on track to go down as more hostile toward Israel than any president in the past 68 ...Read more

Standing 'Idly By'

From the Right / Mona Charen /

Secretary of State John Kerry used the word "conscience" over and over again as he attempted to explain and justify the Obama administration's decision not to veto a one-sided U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israel. He added that the U.S. could not "stand idly by" while Israel torpedoed any hope for a two-state solution.

The Obama ...Read more

One Man's Impact

From the Right / Mona Charen /

On Dec. 19, radio host Charlie Sykes completed his last broadcast for WTMJ in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His last hours on the air were adorned with encomia from some of the leading figures his show had helped to incubate: Reince Preibus, Scott Walker, Paul Johnson and Paul Ryan, among many others. For three and a half hours every day for 23 years, ...Read more

Questions for Rex Tillerson

From the Right / Mona Charen /

The American appetite for businessmen in government is a hardy perennial. Ross Perot won 19 percent of the popular vote in 1992 on the strength of his "get under the hood" appeal. The Republican Party nominated Wendell Willkie in 1940 (though he'd been a Democrat until 1939) because he was perceived as a businessman "with a heart." Now, the ...Read more

Obesity, Fatty Foods, Death and Science

From the Right / Mona Charen /

Something is killing us -- beyond the fact that life itself is a terminal condition. This week brought news that the U.S. mortality rate overall has risen slightly since 2014. "It's a definite milestone in the wrong direction, and the concern a lot of us have is that it reflects largely the approximately three-decade-long epidemic of obesity," ...Read more

Fidel Castro: 60 Years of Fake News

From the Right / Mona Charen /

A panic is sweeping the land -- or at least something like it has unnerved CNN, Vox and other precincts of progressive sensibility. They are alarmed that millions of Americans are being misled by "fake news."

As someone whose inbox has lately bulged with items about Hillary Clinton's impending demise due to a concealed, terminal illness; who ...Read more

Thankful for Pets

From the Right / Mona Charen /

Last Thanksgiving our family had two dogs and two cats. It's looking like not long after this holiday, we'll be down to two.

Teddy, a traffic-stoppingly gorgeous Keeshond, died in May. We name our dogs after presidents. Gipper was the first. A putative golden retriever, Gipper was so aggressive and stubborn -- not traits usually associated with...Read more

Signals of Magnanimity and Unity from Trump Would Go a Long Way

From the Right / Mona Charen /

The parades of protesters weeping, vandalizing businesses, carrying the Mexican and Palestinian flags, shouting "Not my president!" and otherwise giving peaceful protest a bad name have been justly rebuked as hysterical. In the week since his election, the president-elect has behaved in a restrained and sober fashion, has observed the rituals of...Read more

The Challenge for Republicans

From the Right / Mona Charen /

My feelings this morning are so radically mixed that my brain resembles a Cuisinart. I cannot help but be glad that Hillary Clinton was defeated. I am shaking my head in amazement about the Senate, and accordingly about the Supreme Court.

The election results feel like a gorgeous, gleaming new BMW in the driveway. But instead of a bow on the ...Read more

GOP's Suicidal Decision to Nominate Trump Led to This

From the Right / Mona Charen /

So I guess the election is not "rigged" after all, eh, Donald Trump? Every possible damaging headline is falling on Hillary Clinton's head as the country staggers toward Nov. 8. So many nets that Clinton appeared to wriggle out of -- the alleged influence-peddling while secretary of state, the negligence about classified emails, the dishonesty (...Read more

New Face of the Republican Party

From the Right / Mona Charen /

Something quite startling happened in a close House race in northern Virginia this year. The Washington Post endorsed the incumbent Republican, Barbara Comstock. Comstock has been a familiar figure in the region for decades, but not in a way that would typically earn the Post's admiration. In the 1990s, as chief counsel to the House Oversight ...Read more

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