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Abominable omnibus bill is an 'America last' porkulus

Michelle Malkin on

This country is not governed by a "Republican Party" and a "Democratic Party." It is governed by an establishment "uniparty" that betrays our citizens at every turn. Exhibit A: The joint annual ritual of fiscal vulgarity known as the omnibus spending bill.

While Americans are distracted with the holidays, Beltway crapweasels stuff their legislative Christmas trees with multibillion-dollar goodies for every special interest except the American people. I've reported with depressing regularity over the past quarter-century on how these pork-laden monstrosities get rammed through Congress, unread, with little scrutiny or outrage. But finally, light bulbs are going off.

The juxtaposition of measly COVID-19 relief for U.S. citizens against the backdrop of lavish aid for illegal immigrants, the military-industrial complex, Big Pharma, overseas social justice warriors, nongovernmental organizations and foreign countries is just too brazen to ignore. Americans will receive $600 COVID-19 relief checks and $300 unemployment payments as part of the consolidated federal government funding package. The $900 billion in COVID-related aid is folded into the massive, 5,600-page legislation encompassing 12 fiscal 2021 spending bills worth $1.4 trillion.

The puny pandemic stimulus for we the people is a pittance compared with these giveaways buried in the abominable "America last" porkulus:

--15.4 million illegal immigrant family members are now eligible for stimulus checks and can also now receive retroactive payments worth up to $1,800.

--The amnesty program for thousands of Liberians who've lived and worked here unlawfully since 2014 has been extended for another year.


--Untold numbers of illegal immigrants who claim to live with "unaccompanied minors" smuggled across the border will now enjoy a new shield from deportation.

--While funding support for the detention and removal of illegal immigrants by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has been slashed by $431 million, open borders nonprofits are rejoicing over new funding for catch-and-release pilot programs that will keep deportable illegal immigrants out of federal custody.

--$500 million to Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama to "address key factors that contribute to the migration of unaccompanied, undocumented minors to the United States."

--$461 million to Colombia for drug control and "human rights" programs.


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