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Good Riddance, 2021

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Making Sense by Michael Reagan

It’s New Year’s again and time to hope for a happier future.

Last year at this time we were hoping for a better year in 2021, but that sure as heck didn’t work out, did it?

Forget the damage done to the economy by the hapless and relentlessly clueless “Joe Biden” regime.

Forget the Biden-made disasters at the Mexican border and in Afghanistan.

The worst mistakes the Biden administration made were in its failed “War on COVID.”


Biden, Dr. Fauci, the blue state governors, the CDC and the government’s so-called public health experts were wrong about everything – the high cost of lockdowns, the efficacy and safety of vaccines, the protection provided by cloth masks, the benefits of social distancing, boosters, mask mandates, vaccine mandates….

What’s left?

Whatever it is, if it had anything to do with fighting the virus in 2021, the Biden administration and its panic-pushing cheerleaders in the mainstream liberal media got it wrong.

Whether you’re masked or unmasked, vaxxed or un-vaxxed, or holed up 24/7 in your basement, COVID or one of its variants is eventually going to get you.


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