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Celebrating Freedom and the Vets Who Defended It

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Making Sense by Michael Reagan

Did you and your family celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall on Tuesday?

Didn’t think so, but it’s not necessarily your fault.

“The Fall of the Wall” was a geopolitical earthquake in 1989.

As any child of the Cold War knows, it signaled the beginning of the end of the evil Soviet Empire and led to the liberation of millions of Germans, Poles, Czechs and others who’d been held captive under communism for almost half a century.

The fall of the Wall 32 years ago – the symbol of the collapse of communism – doesn’t get much attention these days.


I didn’t see a word in the media this week marking its anniversary and I’m sure it was never mentioned in our sorry public schools.

Of course, our schools don’t teach our history anymore.

They push politically trendy crap like Critical Race Theory and tell our kids how bad America is, or was.

They sure don’t educate our children about the importance of preserving and expanding our hard-won and fragile freedoms.


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