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California Pizza, $10 a Slice?

Michael Reagan on

Making Sense by Michael Reagan

The phonies who write the laws in Sacramento have no idea how hard it is to run a small business successfully. And they don’t care.

When they pay you not to work, you take a vacation.

That’s what’s going on here in what’s left of California.

The governor of this one-party state, Gavin Newsom, and his fellow Democrats controlling the legislature have tortured us for two years with severe lockdowns and mask mandates.

Now they’re working over-time to put our already crippled restaurant industry completely out of business by making it virtually impossible for them to hire the workers they need.


The state government is still paying people who were put out of work by the pandemic upwards of $450 a week in unemployment benefits, plus it’s picking up 100 percent of their rent and electric bills.

It’s no surprise that my friends in the restaurant business are so desperate for workers that some are offering signing bonuses of $1,500 to dishwashers and then paying them $20 an hour.

Where are their old dishwashers?

They’re vacationing in Mexico and they’re telling restaurant owners they’ll return in January when the state stops paying them unemployment money (which probably won’t happen because it’s an election year).


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