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Did I Really Hear Joe Biden Say That?

Michael Reagan on

On Wednesday, did I hear the president of the United States say Americans need to get F-15s and nukes if we really want to keep the government in line?

I did hear it.

Biden apparently was trying to make fun of us “gun nuts” who say Americans need the protections of the Second Amendment to own firearms in case we have to prevent the government from taking away our liberties.

It was garbled and choppy, because Biden went off the Teleprompter, but he said:

“Those who say the blood of Patriots, you know, and all the stuff about how we’re gonna have to move against the government … if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.”

Today I’m not sure if I should buy an F-15 or a bomb shelter – or both.


Biden’s address on how his administration intends to combat rising gun violence and soaring crime rates in our biggest cities was another big liberal gift to the gun industry.

It was filled with the usual stupid arguments and unchecked “facts” from the gun-control crowd.

Biden talked about responsible hunters knowing you don’t need to outfit your deer rifle with 100-round clips – clips that don’t exist on this planet.

He talked about how we need to ban AR-15 “assault rifles” (again) to reduce gun violence, even though more Americans are stabbed to death each year than are killed by rifles.


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