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‘America is Back’ — But to What?

Michael Reagan on

That’s why I fear for my kids and grandchildren today.

Are they going to be facing World War III in 20 years because we're defunding our military and bent on “getting along” with brutal dictatorships that hate us and want to do us harm?

Are we allowing China and Russia to become buddies because their common enemy is the USA and their common goal is world dominance? If you don’t see trouble coming, you’re blind to history and geopolitical realities.

President Biden keeps telling us “America is back.” But back to what?

Allowing Russia, China, North Korea and Iran to gain military and economic strength relative to America?


It’s been the traditional mission of the left – whether the left is focused at home or overseas – to weaken America.

Biden, consciously or not, is doing just that with his messaging. He keeps saying “America is back,” but what he’s really doing is putting America on its back.


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