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‘America is Back’ — But to What?

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Meanwhile, Biden and left-wingers in Congress are doing their best to weaken our healthy oil and gas industry in the name of saving the planet from the mythical green monster of global climate change.

As for China, it’s been militarizing islands in the South China Sea for decades and presidents of both parties have done nothing.

Now Communist China is continuing to strangle the last breaths of democracy in Hong Kong and making threatening noises about invading Taiwan.

Iran’s mullahs, meanwhile, are licking their lips over the prospects of Biden re-signing the Iran nuclear agreement, which the Obama administration signed in 2015 and Trump withdrew the U.S. from in 2018.

That bad Obama deal lifted some economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for it dismantling most of its nuclear weapons program and allowing extensive international inspections.

Iran is no longer in compliance. But Biden says if Iran returns to compliance we’ll return to a bad deal that probably will lead to a revival of Iran’s nuke program and ratchet up Middle East tensions between Iran and Israel and Saudi Arabia.


My father once said to me that you can be elected president of the United States but there comes a point when you become the president of the United States.

That’s so true.

And if you refuse to become the president, and if you still refuse to understand that the rest of the world looks to America to be strong and not weak, then you’ve emboldened the enemies of America and freedom.

Like my father also once said, there were four wars during his lifetime – none of which was started because America was too strong.


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