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‘America is Back’ — But to What?

Michael Reagan on

President Biden is taking his first trip overseas as President.

After stopping in England he’ll summit with European leaders in Brussels and then move on to his mano-a-mano meet-up with Vladimir Putin in Geneva.

I pray to God he does a great job, but I worry Putin will eat Joe alive.

Historically, left-wing dictatorships like Russia, China and North Korea have done that to our leaders when they go visiting overseas.

When they make deals with us, left-wing countries like to play the geopolitical version of Rodney King’s famous plea “Can we just all get along?”

But as we’ve proven time and time again, the answer is always no. We can’t get along with leftists overseas – or at home.


And now that “Joe O’Biden” and the Democrats are in power, the stage is set for another round of foreign policy blunders.

We’ve watched Russia and China test the Biden administration’s backbone since Day One.

While Biden has been weakening our military, Russia is gearing up to attack Ukraine and harboring cyber criminals who’ve used ransomware to shut down our gasoline pipelines and meat processors.

But Biden also removed economic sanctions on Russia that allowed the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline to energy-dependent Germany to proceed -- which gives Putin a strategic political weapon to bully Europe with that he’ll be sure to use.


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