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The GOP Has To Get Smart, With Or Without Trump

Michael Reagan on

Cheney wants the party to move on and work on winning back the House and Senate. So do I.

The GOP will never win back Congress or block the socialist visions of Biden if the focus continues to be about Donald Trump and his vision for America.

It’s got to be about the Republican Party’s vision, and it’s up to GOP leaders in Washington to lead - so please lead.

Trump can be a supporter of the party or even its leader, but he has to behave like a leader.

By teasing about running in 2024 or hinting that he’d choose Florida Gov. DeSantis as his VP, he’s hurting other Republicans.

He prevents other potential presidential candidates like DeSantis from fundraising and doing what they need to do to prepare for 2024.

Trump can make the party stronger if he does what my dad did and puts the party and the country above himself and works with others to get things done.


What Biden and the progressive Democrats are trying to pull off is a huge gift to Republicans. Biden is going to be Jimmy Carter 2.0.

But to take advantage of the mistakes of the power-hungry Democrats, the Party of Reagan has to stop being stupid and start being smart.


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