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Skipping the Oscars, Bailing on Biden

Michael Reagan on

His speech was almost as embarrassing as the masks that were plastered on the faces of Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi sitting behind him.

At times Biden raised his voice or whispered at us as if he was America’s grandmother in chief and we were all six-year-olds who believe the Democrat fairy-tale that federal money grows on trees.

He acted like we couldn’t survive to adulthood without the free government goodies that he and his progressive allies in Congress were going to dish out.

Trillions for families. Trillions for infrastructure and schools and federal freebies for all.

Free pre-K … free college … free elder care… free Instant Pots and Netflix subscriptions.

Make the rich pay their fair share. Make corporations pay higher taxes. Raise the national minimum wage to $15…

I stopped watching long before Biden started boasting how tough he was going to be on Putin and China.

But my son Cameron bravely hung in there for the entire 6,000-word ordeal.


By the time the president finished listing all the things he was going to have Big Government do for – and to – us to make America more like Europe, the only thing Cameron said he learned was that Biden would have supported Britain in the Revolutionary War.

So true, so true.


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