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Democrats See Racism Everywhere It Isn’t

Michael Reagan on

Based on how the Biden-pampering media spin it, you’d think it was Republicans who founded the KKK and invented the Jim Crow South’s racist system of legal segregation that lasted for seven decades, not the racist Southern Democrats.

The same dishonest media would have you think it was the Republicans who filibustered things like the 1965 Civil Rights Bill, not racist Democrats like Robert Byrd, the “reformed” KKK local leader who a few years later would mentor and befriend a young Delaware senator named Joe Biden.

Speaking of Biden, with his racist legislative track record in the Senate, he has a lot of nerve scolding the country for being racist and blasting police for systematically mistreating Black Americans.

Biden, his media allies don’t want to remind you, was the law-and-order guy who took credit for passing the 1994 crime bill - the tough law that the New York Times says helped to create the era of mass incarceration of Blacks.

But that’s OK. Biden’s ancient sins against Blacks are forgotten. Now he’s a progressive.

Now he’s so woke he makes irresponsible public statements about what he’d like the verdict of a murder trial to be while the jury is deliberating, as he did in the Chauvin case.


Virtually no one in the country objected to the guilty Chauvin verdict - except the same people who demanded it before any of the facts were heard.

As we’ve seen since Tuesday, convicting a bad cop and putting him in prison for his wrongdoing will not be enough to satisfy the BLM crowd and their Democrat allies.

They want all cops everywhere to suffer for Chauvin’s sins.

They want the country’s police to be defunded, disarmed and replaced with social workers and EMTs or they’ll protest - and riot - in the streets until they get their way.


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