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Democrats See Racism Everywhere It Isn’t

Michael Reagan on

Making Sense By Michael Reagan

So let me get this straight.

According to the president, according to the Democrats, and according to the liberal media, half my country is racist, my political party is racist and I’m a racist.

That’s the message they’ve all been telling me in the wake of the guilty verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis cop charged with killing George Floyd.

They say because I’m white, I’m an accomplice in George Floyd’s death.

They say because I’m white, I’m guilty for creating a systemically racist country that deliberately keeps blacks in political and economic chains and allows police to mistreat and kill blacks without punishment.


They say because I’m a Republican who didn’t vote for Joe Biden, who doesn’t support Black Lives Matters and who doesn’t want to defund or dismantle the police, I’m a racist.

You know what I say about all this crap about racism being everywhere?

It's a cynical political power play by Democrats that needs to end quickly before we get the race war they are hell-bent on starting.

I’m really sick of watching America being ripped in half over racism by so-called progressive Democrats and their shameless flacks and lackeys in the media.


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