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Jim Crow on Steroids? Come on, Man!

Michael Reagan on

The “Old Jim Crow” era of legalized segregation is said to have ended in 1965 when the Voting Rights Act was passed and blacks in the South could vote without fear.

The American Black Holocaust Museum does a good job of showing how unjust, unequal and demeaning every aspect of life was for blacks in the “Old Jim Crow.”

But unfortunately, it agrees with liberal black activists like Abrams and the Democrat Party that today’s voting laws and customs still “make it difficult or impossible for many black citizens and other minorities to vote.”

The museum thinks felons should be able to vote and complains that black and Latino voters are often still unfairly purged from voter rolls.

It also has a convoluted explanation for why the bureaucratic process of getting government-issued IDs is like a poll tax that discriminates against poor, black, brown and old people.

But at least the American Black Holocaust Museum has the good sense not to claim that the “New Jim Crow” so many Democrats see in every corner of America today is anything close to the “Old Jim Crow” on steroids.



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