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Take Me Out to Fewer Ball Games

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Now we’re back to 162 three-hour games that won’t start to mean anything for the best teams until September, when the fight for the playoffs gets serious.

I have friends who just paid $14,000 for four season tickets to the Dodgers. That means 81 long days and nights ahead at Dodger Stadium.

I don’t care how good L.A. is this year, you’ve got to be a certified baseball addict to endure that kind of overdose.

After last year’s shortened season, baseball probably needs a 162-game schedule this year to satisfy its hardcore fan base.

But except for the major market teams with deep pockets, most teams will be out of the pennant race by mid-May and for the rest of the year they’d be thrilled to see their ballparks even a third filled.

If those teams want to pretend they are bumping up against the COVID-19 capacity limits, they better keep about 10,000 of their cardboard cutout fans ready.



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