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Hail to the Punter in Chief

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There were no questions at all about the COVID-19 pandemic or vaccines or gun control.

And though Biden left many openings for follow-up questions by saying looney-tune things like President Trump sent migrant families back to Mexico to starve and a majority of Republicans support him, they were not asked.

Say whatever bad you want about Trump, he always called on his nemesis Jim Acosta of CNN and he wasn’t afraid to take questions from anyone.

And where Biden seemed to need a briefing book to answer many of the questions, none of his predecessors - Trump, Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama - never did.

Besides punting whenever he was in doubt, Biden took half a dozen cheap shots at President Trump (he was among friends, so he knew he was safe).

Based on their friendly questions, the White House press corps showed that they haven’t exactly been working on their fastballs while President Biden was hiding from them for two months.


For instance, it should have made big headlines and sparked lots of follow-up questions when Biden went back on his campaign promise and said he expects to run again in 2024, but it didn’t.

The bottom line is, with those briefing books and basic punting skills, everyone who watched Biden’s press conference could have done the press conference too.


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