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Hail to the Punter in Chief

Michael Reagan on

He punted on what the United States should do about the economic and military threat of China and when he was going to get America out Afghanistan.

He punted on when his administration will allow the media and their cameras to get access to the overcrowded border facilities in Texas where thousands of illegal immigrants and unaccompanied migrant children await processing.

The only thing President Biden didn’t really punt on was killing the filibuster.

The “relic of the Jim Crow era” as he and its new enemies now call it, is the same parliamentary tool he supported for 40 years when he was a Senator.

It’s the same weapon his party used aggressively and often in the Senate during the Trump years when it was in the minority.

Chuck Schumer used it to - among many other things - block construction of the Wall, change the Cares Act and halt Sen. Tim Scott’s police reform bill.


But now “Wide-awoke” Joe and Schumer want to get rid of the filibuster so their party can ram “progressive” legislation through Congress that will change the United States forever.

No member of the White House press cheerleading squad had the courage to remind Biden about that eulogy he gave for his beloved colleague, Sen. Robert Byrd, the former KKK member who was a star on the Democrat Party’s team of racist Southern senators who filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights bill.

Meanwhile, talk about softballs tossed underhand by little league journalists.

PBS White House reporter Yamiche Alcindor prefaced her blatant pitch for ending the filibuster by referring to Biden as “a moral and decent” man.


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