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Hail to the Punter in Chief

Michael Reagan on

Making Sense By Michael Reagan

He may not be the fastest president on his feet we’ve ever had.

He may bore you to death compared to the last president.

But I will tell you, if anyone in the NFL is looking for a punter, Joe Biden is your man.

The president didn’t blow up or melt down at his first, much-anticipated and ultimately embarrassing formal presidential press conference.

But on Thursday he proved one thing with a doubt - he’s not America’s quarterback in chief.


He’s our punter in chief.

For a little over an hour President Biden ducked the mostly friendly questions of ten cherry-picked journalists and read large chunks of his answers on foreign policy from a briefing book.

He gave vague, garbled or outrageous answers about immigration, Afghanistan, China, voting rights and the filibuster that generated zero tough follow-ups from the liberal White House press corps.

He punted on how he was going to fix the immigration crisis he’s caused at the border.


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