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Oprah Hugs the Royal Whiners

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And I’m sure Meghan made the 17 million Americans watching her interview weep when she spoke about the hardship of being cut off from financial support by the royal family while they live in their $10 million palace in Santa Barbara.

She and Harry will just have to scrape by on the reported $100 million production deal they signed last year with Netflix - a sweet deal Harry got only because he’s the Queen of England’s grandson.

Harry is most at fault in this Anglo-Brit soap opera because he apparently never explained to Meghan that being a royal is a real job with real responsibilities. It’s why they call it “The Firm.”

While he and Meghan were playing with Archie on the beach in Santa Barbara and hanging out on their neighbor Oprah’s patio, for instance, Harry’s father Charles and brother William were in London earning their royal keep by helping COVID-19 victims.

If you don’t want the job, I understand. Walk away. But don’t point fingers back at your family, call them names and whine.


Also, before the next British prince marries an American who hopes to be the Queen someday, he should at least make sure she watches a few seasons of "The Crown.”


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