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Oprah Hugs the Royal Whiners

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But why is it automatically racist for the royal family to wonder about the skin color of a baby that would be born to mixed-race parents?

When about 17 percent of America’s new marriages are between people of mixed races, as they are today, it’s a pretty common question.

For instance, my granddaughters are Latina. My family all hoped that they’d be born with the same beautiful olive-brown skin as my Latina daughter-in-law. Did that make us racists?

I don’t know which of the Whining Royals exposed themselves as the stupidest Sussex, Duchess Meghan or Prince Harry.

Mehan dated Harry for several years. Yet there she was on Oprah whining because Harry had to teach her how to curtsy in the back seat of a car on the way to her first meeting with the Queen.

It was a real tear-jerking moment, but I don’t buy it.


Meghan was a mid-30s-something actress from LA who never learned how to curtsy? My wife’s a farm girl from Nebraska and she knows how to curtsy.

Meghan had plenty of time before her marriage to study up on what is expected of British royalty, and how to address the Queen, but she apparently was too busy to even do a Google search.

Meanwhile, where was Harry? Playing strip pool in Vegas again? Couldn’t he have prepped Meghan a little sooner on how to meet the Queen?

Racism made the big headlines, but Meghan also whined to Oprah about how the couple has to pay for their own security and how her son Archie doesn’t have a royal title - without having a clue how the titles actually are given out.


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